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Current Legislation

2016 Legislative Priorities

The Connecticut Prevention Network, an association of the state’s thirteen regional action councils, is the premier organization in Connecticut for prevention issues.  In the past we have been a leader in pushing legislation on emerging prevention issues.  Those efforts include classifying synthetic marijuana and salvia as illegal drugs, developing laws and regulations governing e-cigarettes, strengthening the laws surrounding prescription drug monitoring and reporting, expanding the availability of Narcan and banning the sale of powdered alcohol.

 In 2016 there are a number of important steps that can be taken to increase prevention efforts when it comes to tobacco and e-cigarette use, drug use/abuse, problem gambling and medical marijuana.

Fund Drug Recognition Experts

Provide funding for Drug Recognition Expert training.

 Raise the Age for Tobacco Use

Raise the age of sale and purchase of tobacco products to 21 years old.  Recently, Hawaii became the first state to raise the age joining some municipalities and cities like New York City.

 Proper Medical Marijuana Oversight

Require that at least one member of the Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians be an addiction specialist.  Also ensure there is proper data collection and funding for youth prevention measures- something promised but not yet carried out.

 Problem Gambling Funding

The CT Prevention Network urges further consideration for funding problem gambling when dealing with gambling proposals.

 Tax E-Cigarettes

Tax e-cigarettes at $0.05 per milliliter of e-cigarette liquid solution consistent with North Carolina and Louisiana law.  E-cigarettes escape taxation despite increasing sales and use of e-cigarette products and vapors.

Reporting on Babies Born with Addiction

Require health care providers/institutions to report on babies in CT who are born with dependency on drugs or are exposed to that environment.